Customised Facials

There is nothing more blissful than a Facial. Spoil yourself and take some time out for you, relax, unwind and enjoy a bespoke Azurlis or Sabore natural skincare facial, tailored to suit your skin.


Azurlis skin care - reflects a holistic approach to skin, body and soul care, fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principals that have stood the test of time.


The revitalising benefits of the botanical extracts in these products are enhanced with lapis lazuli gem essence and Reiki energy, creating a skin care range inspired by nature to enrich the skin and calm the soul.

Azurlis products are unique skin care creations made with 100 % natural botanical oils & extracts, many of which are certified organic and is NOT tested on animals. 


A holistic natural botanical skin care range of the highest quality, with ethics and respect for life, with hydrating, nourishing and active extracts.


Inspired by nature, created with soul.  Azurlis is developed and made in Mosgiel, Otago.


Sabore - signature plant based blends featuring earth's most powerful anti-aging botanicals in one simple daily regime.

Sabore is made with the highest quality ingredients available based on creating formulations that emulate nature's own regenerative pathways by blending the most effective and actuve botanicals on the planet.

Sabore has developed exceptional handcrafted formulations that together make a complete, yet simple to use, daily skincare routine of cleanse, tone and moisutrise along iwth specially targeted serums.  High quality natural ingredients coupled with a simple routine, minus the harsh chemicals.


Harnessing the power of synergistic, active botanicals, Sabore is the next generation in skincare.


Revitalise, replenish and renew your skin today, with Sabore.  Sabore is developed and made in Ellerslie, Auckland.

Both Facial products include cleansers, moisturizers, masks and serums to preserve the skin’s health and radiance.

At Total Image each facial includes a complimentary skin consultation


45-60 Minutes | $80

A fully customized relaxing facial treatment, helps minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improves your skin tone and texture revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin. 

Perfect as part of an ongoing skin routine or as a one off booster treatment. Kay builds a customised facial based on the needs of your skin, body and mind.  Each facial is unique but will include a double cleanse, steaming, re-texturisation through exfoliation, nourishing mask, enriched customised serum application and a stimulating and deeply relaxing facial, neck, shoulder, decolletage and scalp massage, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.


30 Minutes | $50

Particularly beneficial for congested oily and acne skin types.

Involves double cleanse, steaming, exfoliant where needed, mask, serums,  moisturiser, eye cream and SPF.


45-60 Minutes | $80

Dramatically improves the texture & appearance of facial skin!!! A simple non-invasive technique that removes dead surface skin cells, improves the overall texture, tone & clarity of the skin. Inert crystals are blown onto the skin under pressure and then suctioned off using a sterilized nozzle. Using Osmosis skincare products, to complete this specialized facial treatment, the soothing mask & vitaminutes serums are the ultimate compliments. Led Light therapy concludes this treatment. One treatment will freshen the skin giving it a healthy glow. As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, results will improve with a series of treatments.

Dermaplaning - Blading

   30-45 minutes | $60

add on to a Facial  | +$30

Dermaplaning (Blading) is a simple and safe procedure that instantly rejuvenates the facial skin by exfoliating and removing the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz), using a special angled scalpel to shave the skin.

Vellus facial hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair reveals newer, younger skin.

Dermaplaning stimulates the production of new skin cells, increases penetration of active ingredients in your skin care range with facial treatments and home care products, resulting in healthier skin. Makeup also glides and sits smoothly on the skin.

This superficial vellus hair grows back at the same rate and texture as before treatment, NOT heavier or darker.

Dermaplaning can be performed as a one off treatment or every 4-6 weeks.