Micropigmentation – Cosmetic Tattooing

Micropigmentation (also known as permanent makeup) is the long-lasting cosmetic make-up for eyebrows, eyelining and lips, which offers the freedom from daily make-up application.

A digital Cosmetic Device and disposable needles are used to implant coloured medical grade pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin (these all meet NZ and European Health & Safety requirements), giving a very natural enhancement to your natural eyebrows or eyelash line and lips. This is a delicate undertaking and is performed under the utmost sterile conditions.

The initial procedure takes three hours approximately, during this time a consultation is undertaken, a colour tone chosen and intial outline of the procedure area is drawn on for the client to approve.  Once the client is satisfied with the basic shape and symmetry – please note that our faces are NOT symmetrical, as one side is flatter than the other, however we aim to create as much symmetry as possible. Sisters, NOT twins.

A perfecting procedure for all treatments, is vital between four to eight weeks following the initial treatment to make any adjustments and to ensure correct and full pigment retention within the skin.  At a cost of $100.

Pigment lasts 18months - 5 years depending on procedure, pigment colour used and the individual.  Gradual fading will occur during this period.
As ageing is a continual process, which means natural lightening of the skin and hair, the fading of the pigment gives the opportunity to change pigment colour with each re-touch.

Colour Boost touch ups are recommended every 12-18 months to maintain definition and freshen colour

Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows

Either a soft powdery ombre look, hairstrokes, or a combination of these techniques is used to create a three dimensional effect.  At consultation, shaping and colour will be discussed at length to ensure your brows are the perfect complement to your face

Eyebrows  | $400

Partial Eyebrows  from | $250

Colour Boost Touch up from | $250

Permanent Makeup – Eyes

A Lash Enhancement gives the appearance of a thicker, darker lashline; with a fine, medium or thick eyeliner to enhance and define your eyes.

            Upper Eyeliner | $280
            Lower Eyeliner | $200
            Upper & Lower Eyeliner | $450
            Colour Boost Touch up from | $250

Permanent Makeup – Lips

Define your lips with a lipline, blended lipline or full lip colour.  Your lips will appear fuller, more even and the colour restored – a variety of shades are available that can be custom blended to suit your own favourite colours.

Lipline | $300
Full Lip Colour | $450
Colour Boost touch up from | $250